Posted by: pittsburghtrademarklawyer | July 12, 2010

Dan’s Reading List


I will break my answer down into categories.

– The Economist
– The New York Times
– The Wall Street Journal
– The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
– The Onion

– The Atlantic
– Arts & Letters Daily
– Slate
– Reason

– See My Blogroll @ Pittsburgh Trademark Lawyer

– The Google
– The Wikipedia

What the above information says about me, I’m not sure.  But those are my “sources.”

To your larger point, I’d argue that, in some ways, cable television and the internet have ushered in an era where epistemic closure is easy to attain.

However, I think that the emergence of news aggregators, social media, and viral tagging is challenging this paradigm.

These new platforms and tools allow us to share more freely, thus (it’s hoped) exposing us to new perspectives, instead of allowing us to retreat into a media environment that fits our prejudices.


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