Posted by: Miriam | July 17, 2010

Hallo + Challenge Accepted

Hi there WMAHMers —

I’m the resident hazard mitigation person on this blog of elite historians, lawyers, doctors, artists, and scientists. I currently work for the New Orleans Hazard Mitigation Office, where we deal with minimizing the risk posed by natural & man-made hazards (motto: flooding! hurricanes! oil spill! y’all ain’t never seen so many hazards!), so most of my posts will be about floodplain management, risk, and public administration.  Plus, I’ll soon be taking off for Holland on a Fulbright fellowship, so expect to hear a lot about bikes. And dikes.

To take up Morgan’s challenge, here’s  my roundup of blogs, podcasts, and news sources:


  • NPR (Steve Inskeep gets me going in the morning)
  • NYTimes (National news source)
  • Matt Yglesias (Commentary on national news)
  • Daily Show (jokes to take the edge off)
  • Times-Picayune (how I find out about most of what’s happening at City Hall)
  • The Onion (see: jokes)
  • Facebook (srsly. that’s how I found out about the MD earthquake today)


decor, fashion, n’at

– MB



  1. @npr: For NPR news in Washington, EYE MAN TAYLOR. (Read it aloud.)

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