Posted by: Miriam | August 1, 2010

news analysis

I was just listening to an old interview Terry Gross did with legendary journalist Daniel Schorr (the man covered the 1953 Dutch floods, was thrown out of the Soviet Union, and made Nixon’s enemies list). He made a point I found relevant to our discussion of news/information sources:

“I think that news analysis goes along with objective journalism…information has become something altogether too complex for people to understand without some help from people with backgrounds [in the subject matter]…In the age of CNN where things are brought to you live, you can see everything happening without understanding what it means. I think the more live news people get, the more they need help in understanding it.”

This representation of journalism as a necessary source of informed analysis, beyond the latest live footage and someone to read the teleprompter, is why i favor NPR and print journalism over 24 hour news coverage. Background research, synthesizing information, and providing analysis takes time  and in an age of instant news we’re often left without an understanding of the history and context of an event.

Journalists like Daniel Schorr will be missed.


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