Posted by: Alison | September 2, 2010

okay okay okay:

Challenge finally accepted.

My name is Alison. I am a community organizer, future minister, and lobbyist. I went to seminary. Please don’t hate my churchiness.

On a regular basis, I read:

MinnPost – This is far and away my #1 source for news. I love this blog.
Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ – Because I listen to and from work.
Bold Faith Type – General progressive churchy stuff.
Racialicious – Cause I need my white ass kicked once in a while.
The Star Tribune – What RC said.
Religion Dispatches – Best source of religious-social-political commentary online that I’ve found
Smart Politics – More local politics, broader than just MN
NYT – To make sure I’m not stuck in Garrison-Keillor-ville forever.

I read a lot of local politics because it relates to my job, but I’ve found that I really like being engaged in this small, midwestern political sphere. It’s also important to me to follow along with the what’s going on in progressive Christian communities, and I glance over NYT about once a day to make sure that I’m not so sucked into Minnesota life that I don’t know what’s going on in, say, Pakistan.

For fun, I follow:

Ann’s Cat Blog – pictures of kitties and that is it. yes, I really do “read” this daily.
Design*Sponge – so pretty. escape.
Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – she’s a feminist and she sews? she’s my best friend!
Hyperbole and a Half – only read this if you want to pee your pants from laughter.
Modish – pretty. see escape.
Tokyo Terrace – food. pretty. escape.



  1. thank you for introducing me to hyperbole and a half. i haven’t been able to stop laughing like a madwoman while reading it. my new roommates must think i’m nutso.

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