Posted by: Morgan Hubbard | October 19, 2010

Academic language is wonderful and terrible

I’m a co-chair for the UMass Graduate History Association. We’re holding a paper conference this coming spring, so at today’s general meeting we debated topics for our conference. Our challenge was to come up with  title that is (a) broad enough so that any grad student from any history department at any school could conceivably submit his or her paper, but also (b) specific enough that it mentions history and also says something concrete, so that we don’t sound like this.

It was hellish.

Turns out these two goals are pretty much mutually exclusive. We finally settled on the following: “Historical Perspectives on Conflict and Confrontation”

Just…ugh. The one thing I’m proud of, in retrospect, is that we managed to avoid using a colon. *shudder*



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